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Frequently Asked Questions

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Issues related to billing, prescriptions, Insurance & referrals.

You will be charged for your first month of on the day you sign up for your membership. You will then be charged monthly for your membership, on the same day each subsequent month. The monthly fee includes all services we provide. Humaucracy will never charge you a copay or send you an unexpected bill for a service we perform.
We’ll send the prescription to your local pharmacy, and can arrange for you to pick them up or for them to be delivered to you at home!
Yes! At Humaucracy we believe that everyone deserves high-touch, high-quality care. And for some people, a Humaucracy membership may be more affordable than even high-deductible, minimal health insurance coverage. It is, however, very important to understand that Humaucracy membership is not health insurance and is not a substitute for comprehensive health insurance.
Services that are not part of our stated offerings, such as specialist referrals and hospitalizations, are not included in your Humaucracy membership.

In the event of elective or planned hospitalization or specialist visits, we'll work with you to refer you to another provider that meets your needs. If you have insurance, that usually means referring you to a provider in your insurance network.

In these cases, you will be responsible for the cost for the services, since they are not included in your Humaucracy membership. These costs will be routed through your insurance or billed to you directly at the lowest out-of-pocket cost available.

In these cases when you need services that are not included in your Humaucracy membership, we continue to serve you in various ways. We take care of administrative tasks such as records transfer, referrals, and care coordination on your behalf, and we use our medical network to get you the care you deserve. Our Providers will let you know if they recommend services not included in the membership and will work with you to anticipate and decrease out-of-pocket costs in case you need additional services (e.g., specialists, hospitalizations, prescriptions, labs, imaging).